Stump Grinding

Grind Your Stump Down to the Ground

Grind Your Stump Down to the Ground

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You may think those stumps on your property are harmless, but they aren't. They pose a safety risk and lower your property value. Increase your curb appeal by grinding those stumps down to ground level.

Powell & Sons Urban Forestry, LLC provides stump grinding service for homeowners in Fishers, IN. Since we use top-of-the-line equipment, we'll grind your stump down to ground level at record speed.

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Remove that stump from your landscape

An old, rotting stump is a blight on your otherwise lovely landscape. Turn to our team for prompt, reliable stump removal service. After removing your stump, you'll be able to use that land again. Consider...

  • Replacing it with a new, healthy tree
  • Using the spot for a flower garden
  • Filling it in to use as open lawn

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